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From which balances can you withdraw funds?

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You can withdraw funds from the Main balance and Reinvest balance.

What income per day from packages?

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Package Project (2$) = return 3.45% per day. (Revenue 103.5%). Full return with profit: 30 days.
Package Iron V2 (5$) = return 0.88% per day. (Revenue 110%). Full return with profit: 125 days.
Package Chrome V2 (25$) = return 0.639% per day. (Revenue 115%). Full return with profit: 180 days.
Package Bronze V2 (100$) = return 0.50% per day. (Revenue 120%). Full return with profit: 240 days.

Returns from packages are added to your balances every day.

What is the minimum withdrawal?

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The minimum withdrawal size for Perfect money, Payeer, Litecoin - 0.25$

What is the payment schedule ?

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The payment processing schedule for applications submitted after April 6, 2022 may take from 1 hour to 10 days.

The payment processing schedule for applications submitted before April 6, 2022 may take from 1 to 310 days.

Will BAPs be debited during my absence ?

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BAPs will not be debited during your absence. BAPs are deducted only after viewing ads.

Who belongs to the investor user category?

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An investor is a user who has assets for more than 40$ (Active packages + Baps + Balances).

Who belongs to the "Crypto wallet" user category?

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This is a category of users who use a cryptocurrency wallet to deposit and withdraw funds on our platform.

On which balance are added commissions ?

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Commissions are added on Reinvest balance.

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