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News 09.03.2021

1. As many may have noticed, a new section "Earn" has appeared on the site ( A new type of earnings "Short links" is available in this section. The "Short links" page contains text and video instructions for a better understanding of how to view and confirm ad data. If this type of earnings gains popularity on our website, then we will add at least 2 more types for earnings.

2. In paid advertisements you can now see how many BAPs will be deducted for viewing a given ad ( Unfortunately, half of the users don't understand well how the BAP system works. We remind you that:

Each 1$ spent on Baps instantly gives you 2440 BAP, which is 1.22$ in paid ads.
1 BAP is equivalent to 0.0005$ (2440 BAP * 0.0005 = $ 1.22).
This means that every 1$ spent will bring you 1.22$ profit after viewing paid ads.

Thank you all for your attention.

Best regards.

News Date : March 09, 2021 13:45:01

5 months of stable work

Our statistics for today:

Registered Members: 47435
Average number of registrations per month: 9487 users.
Alexa Rank: 12189
Number of payments: 283
Total payments: 5564.16$

Best regards.

News Date : December 01, 2020 11:26:04

3 months of work

Hello, dear users. We are happy to announce about 3 months of work.

Our statistics for today:

Registered Members: 26192
Average number of registrations per month: 8700 users.
Alexa Rank: 11844
Number of payments: 152
Total payments: 2590.85$

Best regards.

News Date : October 05, 2020 16:00:18 launched

Hello, dear users. We have launched site. Now all the functionality of the site is available.

Best regards.

News Date : July 01, 2020 14:00:00

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